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Circle-vent™ products are powered air vents designed for easy mounting in fine cabinetry. Available in surface or flush-mount configurations in a variety of wood species, Circle-vent is easily field-adjusted to either exhaust hot air out of an audio-video cabinet or pull fresh air in. Each system consists of 2 fan assemblies, power supply, and a magnetic-base thermal switch assembly. The fans turn on at 90 degrees, sensed by a remote probe connected to a thermal control module.

The surface-mount configuration is easily retrofitted into existing cabinets; the flush-mount version is intended for installation during cabinet construction.

Surface mount units are stocked in White Oak, Poplar, Maple, Black Walnut, and Cherry woods; other species (and all flush mount units) available by special order.

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00-510-XX       Surface mount Circle-vents

00-511-XX       Flush mount Circle-vents   (special order)

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