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Frequently-asked questions:

    Is it better to push fresh air into an enclosure or pull hot air out?

    It really doesn’t make much difference in cooling, but it’s frequently easier to use fans to exhaust hot air, because that’s most effectively done high and in the enclosure’s rear, where most of the heat accumulates. Fresh air is best brought in low and in front; it’s easier to conceal a passive slot opening on a toe-kick than to mount fans there (although we do have products that can fit there).

    When using multiple fans, should they all be used to exhaust hot air, bring fresh air in, or should you use half for each purpose?

  In a situation where air can move freely, with little or no resistance, multiple fans should either all be used for intake of fresh air OR to exhaust hot air. (If air can really move that freely, ventilation probably isn’t much of a problem!) We say that these fans are “in parallel”. If, however, the enclosure presents a high resistance to air flow because of small openings, multiple shelves, etc., it’s better to use half the fans as intake and the other half to exhaust. These fans are “in series”.

Real world situations are usually closer to the second situation than the first.

    What is ATM’s warranty policy?

   See it HERE

    Are ATM products thermally-controlled?

    Yes. All include some form of thermal control,except the System 1, for which that is an available option. Some ATM products simply go on and off at predetermined temperatures, some have multiple speed capability.

    How quiet are ATM products?

   The short answer is “VERY”. Nothing is completely silent, but below a certain level, noise is no longer a problem. We have two decades of experience in balancing noise level against airflow, and we do it well.

    Why do you offer so many products? There seems to be overlap between some of them.

    True - There are installations in which more than one ATM product could be used. There are so many ways in which audio-video systems, enclosures, rooms, (and people!) vary, though, that having more choices increases the likelihood of a successful installation.

When you aren’t sure which product would be best for a specific installation, or how best to install it, the answers are only a phone call - or a click - away.

Just click Attach a sketch of the installation or  pictures if available.

    How can I be sure the fans won’t transmit “mechanical

 vibrations” to my cabinet?

    The fans run at a slow speed; vibration is rarely a problem.

Do I need to cool my equipment if it’s not in an enclosed cabinet?

    All situations are different, but some products, such as high power amplifiers, may need cooling even if sitting in an open air environment (see “component coolers”).

Do you have pictures of the different wood types available?

    We have the available wood species listed HERE in color on the last page of our catalog, which you can download HERE. Bear in mind that different monitors, different printers, and different brands of stain will introduce variations in color.  

Can I set up my Active Thermal Management product to run ALL the time?

    The easy answer is “yes, you can”. It is not often necessary, though the products are all designed for continuous use.  Please call us for advice; if your application needs 24/7 hour cooling, we’ll tell you how to do it.

Do you have pricing on your web site?

    No; call us for pricing, or e-mail with pricing or availability questions.

How do I become an ATM dealer?

    We’re glad you asked! Call us at (661) 294-7999 or e-mail; we’ll be glad to send you an application and inform you of our requirements.

Can I buy direct, or only through distribution?

    Either. We love to support our distributors (please see list of distributors on the “How to Buy” page), but if you prefer to buy direct, please see “How do I become a dealer” above.

Can I set my Active Thermal Management products to turn on at a different temperature?

    No –  The thermal switches and thermistors come from the factory set at a temperature that we feel is appropriate for proper thermal management and maximum efficiency.  The Cool-cube and System 4 do have speed and temperature threshold adjustments, If you have a concern about a particular application, please give us a call.

Can I paint my Cool-vent (or Circle-vent, or Cool-line...)?

    Absolutely!  Just specify “paint grade” on your purchase order to ensure we ship you a Cool-vent with a light colored wood.

If I place an order today, when will my product(s) ship?

    We try our very best to always ship orders same day (for orders placed before 2:30 pm PST).  If there is a backorder of more than a few days, we will call you.

Do you stock all the wood species in all sizes?

    We try to carry all the popular wood types in all sizes, but we cannot stock every one.  You can always call to see what we have available!  There is a 1 to 3 week additional lead time for out-of-stock woods.

I used a special type of wood for my cabinet- can you order exotic woods               for the Cool vent family?

    You can ship us a block of wood left over from your cabinet and we will turn that into a Cool vent that will match perfectly!

How do you ship ATM products?

    We use UPS ground on all orders, unless you specify otherwise.  You can specify UPS Overnight, 2-day, or 3-day service in most areas for an additional charge.

How do I determine what product I need?

    We have a tremendous amount of resources on our web site.  On the Downloads page we have white papers that can help you determine which product you need, and we’re happy to do the BTU and CFM calculations for you. We also have data sheets and installation instructions on each product’s web page.  If you have looked at this information and are still unsure, please call us and we’ll be more than happy to help you!  

How much do I need to buy to receive free shipping?

    We offer free shipping (UPS ground) with any order of $2000 or more, shipped to one address in the 48 contiguous states in one shipment.

Do you provide tracking for my order?

    We do have automatic tracking for dealers who are already in our system. If you are new to us, give us your e-mail address at time of ordering; it will be retained for future orders. If we don’t have your e-mail address, you may e-mail or call for tracking information.

I’d like to purchase an item for my own personal use - I am not a dealer and don’t need professional installation.  How do I go about purchasing product?

    Call us at (661) 294-7999; you can place an order over the phone with a credit card!

Will ATM products work in foreign countries?

    Some need only “blade adapters” to fit foreign sockets; most are shipped with universal power supplies that work anywhere in the world. Advise when ordering if our products are to be used outside of North America.