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Dual-mode Component Cooler

Designed for use in open or semi-enclosed installations where

existing ventilation is insufficient, the Dual-Mode Component Cooler combines the functions of a bottom-mounted component cooler and an active heat shield. Shipped in heat shield mode, it’s placed on top of a heat-generating component and provides a shelf on which a heat-sensitive component, such as a DVD player, can be safely placed. Two quiet 120 mm fans cool the component below, preventing heat from reaching the component above.


Changing to the bottom-mounted component cooler configuration is

easily and quickly done using only a Philips screwdriver. In this mode, the Component Cooler is placed beneath a component which has vent openings in the bottom panel. The Component Cooler sends a quiet stream of cooling air up into the amplifier or other hot component, reducing its internal temperature.

In both configurations, the Component Cooler operates continuously at an idle speed, switching to its normal speed above the trigger temperature.  A thermal switch attaches magnetically to the component whose temperature is being monitored.

01-008-01      Dual-mode Component Cooler

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