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Cool-stick 18

Cool-stick — Specifically designed to solve the problem of quietly cooling flat-panel displays recessed into walls or cabinets. While no one device is suitable for ventilating every installation, Cool-stick™ is the answer to many problems.

Damage to expensive displays from heat is a real possibility; Cool-stick can help you avoid this problem with its 8 quiet fans blowing a stream of air across the back of a display panel. With mounting brackets (not shown) that give the installer flexibility in mounting, Cool-stick is small enough to squeeze behind, below, or above displays in all but the tightest situations. A 1” (min.) gap above & below the display is required. Protection for the panel, the owner, AND the installer!  

Cool-stick 18 is also useful for mounting behind components in tight quarters, such as between closely-spaced shelves.

00-701-18         Cool-stick (18”)

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