Active Thermal Management            

                                             The trusted name in thermal protection…                              

Extension tubing (4”ID/6”OD) in 8’ and 25’ lengths allow more distance between the fan and the heat source; our “Y” fitting allows cooling two enclosures (or two sections of a large enclosure) with one System 1.

03-107-01             8’ extension kit (with splice)

03-107-02           25’ extension kit (with splice)

03-110-00             Y-fitting

Hot air collectors (“flanges”)  in various sizes make it easy to connect tubing to flat surfaces; closet ceilings, cabinet backs, etc. (Note that every System 1 comes with one 6 1/4” hot air collector.)

03-104-00         6 1/4” sq.   Collector (159mm sq.)

03-104-02         8 1/4” sq.   Collector (210mm sq.)

03-104-03         8” x 10”      Collector (203x254mm)

03-104-04         12.25” sq.   Collector (311mm sq.)

03-104-05         14” sq.        Collector (356mm sq.)

The back-draft damper prevents air from flowing in the reverse direction, useful when exhausting into an area in which odors or dampness are present.

 03-109-01          Backdraft damper

Diffusers are used as trim when tubing ends at a sheetrocked or

paneled wall.

 03-109-01       Diffuser   (mounts through sheet rock)


System 1 Accessories - Tubing & Fittings (for 4” tubing only)

Backdraft damper for System 1 and Cool-cube.