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 Video walls have become a significant growth category for systems integrators, especially those working in commercial installations.

Walls that have protective front panels frequently need forced air cooling to avoid overheating the video displays; Micro-led walls need forced-air cooling to remove heat trapped between the rear surface of the tiles and the mounting surface, air streams that can work through and around mounting systems. ATM has a group of fan panels suitable for typical installations, and the ability to adapt its wide line of standard cooling products to solve unusual problems.

THE Cool-stick is suitable singly or in multiples for small display walls, with dimensions of 18” (long) x 2 1/2” (wide) x 7/8” (thick).  It can fit where others can’t, and delivers 30 CFM.

For larger display walls, the new Cool-walls I, II, and III may be the the right products.

In typical installations, the Cool-wall I should be suitable for cooling display walls in the 500-800 watt range, the Cool-wall II in the 800-1200 watt range, and the Cool-wall III should be suitable for displays up to about 1800 watts. Engineering help is available as always to “do the math” and help select the right ATM system for your application.

See the Cool-walls and their specifications HERE.  

Contact us for information on custom cooling systems for larger heat loads. (Give us the project details - We’ll calculate the airflow needed, and how to get it.)

Video Wall Coolers