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How to buy ATM products

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Almost all Active Thermal Management products can be used on power mains from 100 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz.  Some ATM products ship with universal power supplies which only require “blade adaptors” which can be purchased locally to work in any country. Others can ship with packages of snap-in blades for use in many countries. If products are for use outside of the U.S., please inform us at time of ordering.

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CANADA                DLC Distributors   Surrey, B.C.                       1-800-667-8992

CHINA                    Nanpeng Technology Development Ltd.    +86 (10) 5873 3241

HONG KONG        Nanpeng Technology Development Ltd.    +852 (3104) 3010

ISRAEL                  Laser City, Ltd.                                                 +972 9 9569615

MALAYSIA            Music by Design Sdn.                                     +60 (3) 2163 3818

NORWAY               Norwegian Custom Media Solutions           +47 67 48 01 00

PUERTO RICO     Aim High Audio                                                   1-877-885-1732

TAIWAN                 Alpha Audio Co., Ltd.                                      +886 (2) 2695 3530