Active Thermal Management            

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All ATM thermal switches install by plugging them into any AC outlet and simply plugging the System 1 blower into them.

The Adjustable Thermal Switch

Our simplest thermal switch, it must be mounted near the heat source.

The fan will turn on when the temperature at the switch reaches the

temperature the knob is set to, and turns off when the temperature is 10

degrees lower. Mounts in a standard AC junction box.

03-101-01      Adjustable  Thermal Switch

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Thermal Switches

The Remote Digital Thermal Switch

Senses temperature with a probe that can be located 30’ or more from the heat source, and indicates system temperature on a liquid crystal display.

Shipped from the factory programmed for typical desired temperatures, it is easily reprogrammed after installation.

Will operate on 230 volt/50 Hz power.

03-101-03 Remote Digital Thermal Switch

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The Dual-Input Thermal Switch

Allows the System 1 blower (or any ac powered device) to be turned on when the temperature in either of two zones reaches a pre-set temperature and turns off when both zones are below pre-set temperatures. Zones are monitored by small thermal sensors on 6’ leads which can be extended.

   03-101-02     Dual-input Thermal Switch

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(Click HERE for thermal switches with large displays.)

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