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The Small Enclosure Cooler is designed to make cooling smaller enclosures easier than ever. Two 80 mm fans are pre-assembled to a thin panel which mounts over a simple rectangular cutout on a small cabinet’s back panel. With a remote thermal probe that easily fastens to the component whose temperature is being monitored, installation is quick and simple.

An important feature of the SEC-1 is its ability to turn on automatically at 90 degrees to deal with the heat generated by today’s audio-video electronics.   All components of the SEC-1 plug together; no wire cutting, stripping, or soldering is required.

The SEC-1 operates in almost complete silence; the fans turn slowly, ensuring a minimum amount of noise, and ensuring long fan life.

The SEC-1 is generally used in exhaust mode, mounted to the rear panel of a cabinet at least 2”  from a wall.

00-401-01          SEC-1

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