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Video walls come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. From long strips of single video panels side-by-side to large arrays of panels in 4x4, 5x5 arrangements and beyond, and micro-led panels that gang together to form walls of virtually unlimited size, ATM can cool them all.

The wide variation from “wall to wall” makes ATM's no-charge engineering service a valuable “extra”.  We can adapt ATM products other than the Cool-wall II and Cool-wall II HO if needed to meet the requirements of almost any video wall design. Identical in appearance and dimensions, the Cool-wall II HO produces about 30% more air flow than the Cool-wall II and is about 2 dBa louder; still very quiet.

Cool-walls are designed to mount below, behind, or above display panels or LED cabinets, moving air up and through mounting systems to remove rear-radiated heat.

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