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Cool-control Thermal Switches

Cool-control is the inexpensive way to add automatic thermal control to manually-controlled cooling systems. Racks that are sold with fans but without thermal control and manually-controlled cooling systems from other manufacturers are easily converted to fully automatic operation with either the rack- or table-mounted Cool-control. As a bonus, Cool-control adds continuous temperature readout on its bright display.

Installation is as easy as plugging the Cool-control into any AC socket and plugging the fans to be controlled into Cool-control’s AC outlet. Place the remote sensor (on a 6’ lead) on the equipment or in the area to be controlled.  Fan turn on temperature is factory set to 90 degrees F, and turn off to 85 degrees. These can be easily reprogrammed using the buttons on the front panel.

Cool-control - Add automatic operation to cooling systems


   03-123-01      Cool-control - shelf/table mount

   03-124-01      Cool-control - rack mount

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