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The Cool-it II Component Cooler

The Cool-it II is a single unit equipment cooler that is placed on top of equipment that is running hotter than it should be. Two almost totally silent 4.7" (120mm) fans send a stream of air down into the equipment to remove excess heat and prevent damage due to overheating. Needing virtually no installation, Cool-it II is simply placed on top of the overheated receiver, processor or amplifier, the thermal switch is fastened, and the wall-type power supply is plugged into an always-live outlet. When the thermal switch closes, Cool-it II sends a quiet stream of cool air down into the component. Using the Cool-it II dramatically lowers the temperature of the output transistors and nearby components within a receiver or amplifier, and will extend its useful life significantly; heat is enemy number one of modern electronic devices.

The Cool-it II™ —– cheap insurance for expensive equipment

01-002-02        Cool-It II  Component Cooler

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