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The System 1 – Now available up to 1400 CFM (see below)

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Our most powerful and flexible air moving system, the System 1 is available in two versions. The in-line version is suitable for indoor use, while the EXT version is mounted in a weatherproof enclosure, suitable for outdoor use in virtually any climate. Both can move over 100 CFM while producing very little noise, thanks to a precision-balanced rotor. The in-line version is now Energy Star rated; airflow has been increased by 40% to 140 CFM, power consumption has been reduced while noise level remains the same.

Both versions include the centrifugal blower, 8’ of flexible, sound-absorbing tubing (6”OD/4”ID), and a 6 1/4” square hot air collector, a cross between a funnel and a flange that simplifies connecting the tubing to a flat surface, such as a cabinet back. (This fitting is ONLY available for the 4” System 1.) The in-line is ready to plug in to any of our thermal switches or an AC outlet; the EXT is ready to be hardwired.

Both versions carry a 5 year warranty and are suitable for continuous operation. Both have UL and CSA approval. The export version conforms to CE requirements.

There are a variety of accessories available for use all either System 1 versions.

**New higher powered versions are available now**

The System 1 family has grown to include tubing sizes up to 14”, and airflow up to 1400 CFM. While few installations will require air handlers of this capacity, the new System 1 - 6” and System 1 - 8” versions, using 6” and 8” tubing respectively may be useful when cooling very high output projectors or large equipment rooms. (General appearance is the same as the 4” versions shown below.)

Larger, more powerful models (up to 14”) are available on special order - call for details.

00-100-02       System 1 (4”) (in-line version for use indoors)

00-100-03      System 1 EXT (4”) version for use outdoors)