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Recognizing the need for a cooling product for narrow spaces, such as above or below flat-panel displays, or mounted on kick panels, we developed the Cool-line.

Available in Poplar and Maple, it measures 3 1/2” in height and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The slim, linear styling of the Cool-line makes it ideal for use in commercial and residential A/V and computer installations where quiet cooling is required and space is limited.  A powerful but quiet cross-flow fan moves air in or out of the enclosure to be ventilated. Temperature-controlled and multi-speed, the fan is completely automatic.

   Cool-line must be ordered to operate in either intake or exhaust mode.

 Matching grilles are available without fans to trim passive openings.

     Please note: The aluminum grille Cool-line has been discontinued.

00-521-XX-I      Cool-line I INTAKE

00-521-XX-E      Cool-line I EXHAUST

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Intake grille

Exhaust grille

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