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The System 2 Family

The System 2 products are the low-cost, simple-to-install, quiet venting solutions for mid-size heat loads in mid-sized cabinets (and mid-sized budgets!).   

The family has 3 members - the original System 2, the 2 Kit, and the 2+2 Kit.  All feature automatic temperature control, relieving the system designer of control issues. As equipment warms, fans begin to turn. if temperature rises further, the System 2 Kit and 2+2 Kit switch to a higher but still very quiet speed. Speed limitation and the use of multiple fans ensure effective cooling with very little noise.  

The System 2 Original

The System 2 Kit

Click HERE for System 2 Original installation instructions

Click HERE for System 2 Kit & System 2+2 Kit installation instructions

Click HERE for specifications (all)

00-200-02        System 2 Original

00-201-02        System 2 Kit (with 2 fans)

00-202-02        System 2+2 Kit (with 4 fans)

Here’s a short video about the System 2 & 2+2 Kits

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