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Cool-stack I, II, III

Cool-stack I is the cooling solution for small to mid-sized racks.  Connecting to the chassis through a 4’ cable, the thermal control lets Cool-stack I’s operation be controlled by the temperature of a

component in the rack. This means fans can turn on later and stay on until residual heat has been removed from the component being cooled.  

Cool-stack I is a 1 RU high true rack-mount ventilator. Very quiet in operation, it mounts above the heat producing equipment and pulls the heated air up and out of the equipment, and out through the front of the rack.  Four 80mm fans on the under side of Cool-stack turn relatively slowly, making essentially NO noise as they bring room air in and expel heated air through openings on the front panel.  


For larger rack installations, with larger heat loads, the Cool-stack I is also available in an "intake" model.  Mounted low in a rack and blowing cool air UP, with an "exhaust" Cool-stack mounted high in the rack and moving heated air OUT, a strong (but quiet) ventilation current is established.  

00-301-03     Cool-stack I   (EXHAUST)

00-302-02     Cool-stack I   (INTAKE)


Cool-stack II

With six 120mm fans and an 18" depth, the Cool-stack II has the power - and the reach - to pull up to 130 CFM of hot air out of tightly-packed racks while generating low noise levels. The Cool-stack II has two temperature-controlled speeds, and is installer-programmed to change speeds as rack temperature changes to satisfy the requirements of residential and commercial installations; in either case, heated air can be expelled through the perforated front panel or through ports on the top or rear panels using optional exhaust kits. Tubing and fittings in the kits allow the Cool-stack II to channel exhausted hot air from its top and rear exhaust ports to nearby closets, attics, utility rooms, etc.

                                                                                 Bottom view

               Note - see specifications (click below) for air flow when exhaust kits are used.

Cool-stack II — cools the rack AND the enclosure the rack is in!

00-303-01      Cool-stack II

03-303-03      Rear exhaust kit

03-303-04      Top exhaust kit

Cool-stack III

With the height of the Cool-stack I and the depth of the Cool-stack II, Cool-stack III is a 1-unit high hot air exhaust system for mid-size racks with mid-size heat loads! With four 120mm fans and an 18” depth, the Cool-stack III can pull up to 70 CFM of hot air out of tightly-packed racks while generating very low noise levels. Heated air is normally exhausted through the perforated front panel, but exhaust fittings and tubing (provided) can move the hot air safely away to the rear if the rack is located in a closet or cabinet.  

Cool-stack III is temperature-controlled, switching from a constant, very low “idle” speed, suitable for removing stand-by heat generated by components such as cable boxes and satellite receivers, to full speed as rack temperature changes.

Temperature is sensed by a very small, remotely-located thermal switch which uses a strong magnet to secure itself to the component being monitored. A contact closure can also trigger the change to full speed, if desired. Internal movable jumpers can be set to satisfy the requirements of a particular installation, whether residential or commercial. In an alternate mode of operation, the constant-idle is defeated, and control is accomplished by a 12 volt trigger signal.

A bracing bar is included to mount on the rear rack rails to support the rear section of the Cool-stack III.

00-304-01        Cool-stack III

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