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Quad-cool was developed specifically for ventilating racks in cabinets and closets. Designed to bring fresh air in at the bottom of the cabinet, it consists of 4 very quiet 120mm fans controlled by a two-stage thermal control module, all mounted to a steel plate . The plate installs over a cutout in the floor of the cabinet; a metal or wood intake grille is installed in the toe kick. The plate extends only 1/16” above the cabinet floor; racks can slide in and out without interference. The fan cluster fits within the base plate opening of many popular racks

The thermal control, connected to a remote probe, turns the fans on in low speed at 90° F and switches to full speed at 100° F. Both the low speed cut-in temperature and the speed of the fans in that mode are adjustable. Full speed is activated should the temperature at the remote sensor rise 10 degrees above the low speed cut-in temperature.

In most cases, heated air will be exhausted near the top of the enclosure through passive openings. In situations involving very large heat sources or restricted air flow, active exhaust systems, such as the ATM System 2 Kit may be used.

ATM can furnish grilles suitable for use on toe-kick panels (for air intake) and near the top of the cabinet (for exhaust). Click HERE to see our assortment of grilles in metal and many species of wood.

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