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Cool-rack III

The Cool-rack III was designed to cool the mid-size to large rack. It’s 3 rack units high, and consists of 3 120mm fans and a thermal control with a remote sensor and small “set-up” temperature display.

If a 3U high space isn’t available on the front rack rails, or if there’s a door on the front of the rack, an effective cooling technique is to install the Cool-rack III on the rear rails of the rack. Install a 1or 2U vent panel, as open as possible, low on the front rails of the rack. As long as there is a space of at least 2" - 3" behind the rack, a stream of air will be generated that enters low in the front of the rack, and travels back and upward, cooling the equipment in the rack.


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Here’s a short video about the Cool-rack III

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